#40AOK is a movement dedicated to promoting global Acts of Kindness.

We challenge YOU to dedicate and document 40 days of good deeds! Post photos and videos of your good deeds (small or large) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Vine, Youtube, or anything else you can think of. Make sure to include the hash-tag #40AOK and keep up with others around the world who are also making the world a better place, one Act of Kindness at a time.


40AOK Career Fair: Inspire More Campaign

Meet Beaux and the Team!

beaux wellborn

Beaux Wellborn: Founder & Director @beaux_wellborn

shannon mcanally

Shannon McAnally: Social Media and Web Design @ShannMcAnally

Michael Swaim

Michael Swaim: Marketing @Swaimster79

Check out what Acts of Kindness other people are doing around the world: